Leonard P. Egee Memorial Sailing Scholarship

Leonard P. Egee Memorial Sailing Scholarship

Application Rules and Guidelines



Purpose: The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to one or more students to help cover the cost of participating in the Island Heights Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program during the summer of 2013.


Eligibility: The competition is open to any student who is eligible to participate in the Island Heights Yacht Club’s Junior Sailing Program (i.e., at least eight years of age or older by the start of the program, or going into third grade, and no older than 18 years of age), who is a full-time resident of the borough of Island Heights. A student is not required to be a member of the Island Heights Yacht Club to be awarded a scholarship or to participate in the junior sailing program.



Scholarship Amount: The total amount to be awarded in 2013 is $1,000. All awards will be remitted directly to the sailing program coordinator, in the name of the winning student. No awards will be provided directly to students.


Application Requirements: Each student applying for a scholarship must submit to the Foundation an application letter that includes the student’s name, date of birth, address, e-mail address (if any), telephone number, and the name and address of the school the student attends and grade in school. The application letter must be accompanied by an essay of no fewer than 300 words explaining why the student wants to learn to sail or to continue receiving sailing instruction. All application letters and essays, once submitted, will become the property of the Foundation. An application letter and essay must be submitted to the Secretary no later than June 1, 2013.


Application Evaluation: All application letters and essays will be reviewed by a selection committee, which will consist of at least two members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and one member of the Advisory Board, but no more than five individuals in total. Each member of the committee must: 1) have a basic knowledge of finance; 2) have a basic knowledge of the various sailing programs along the Toms River and within Barnegat Bay; and 3) be a person of good character with an interest in furthering sailing education among young men and women in the area. The selection committee will recommend to the Board of Directors who should be awarded a scholarship and the amount of the scholarship. The recommendations will be accepted or rejected individually by the Board at the second quarterly meeting thereof. All decisions of the Foundation regarding the awarding of scholarships are final.

No member of the Board of Directors, or the Advisory Board, or a member of such an individual’s immediate family, or any relative, will be eligible to receive a scholarship while that individual is associated with the Foundation. A member of the Board of Directors or the Advisory Board must have resigned from the Foundation no less than 90 days before any family member or relative of that individual may receive a scholarship.


Legal Action: If the Foundation finds that scholarship funds have been misused, the following will occur: 1) all funding will be terminated immediately; 2) the Foundation will demand the immediate return of any previously paid award; 3) the recipient will be barred from receiving any future awards from the Foundation; and 4) information about the matter will be turned over to the appropriate authorities, including but not limited to, the appropriate sailing organizations and law enforcement offices.


The Leonard P. Egee Memorial Sailing Scholarship is open to individuals of any sex, race, color, and national and ethic origin. The Foundation will award all scholarships on the basis of eligibility and merit only.


Please mail the application requirements to:


Island Heights Sailing Foundation

P.O. Box 1227

Island Heights, NJ 08732

E-mail: contact@ihsailingfoundation.org


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For more information about the Island Heights Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program, please contact:

Brian Taboada

IHYC Junior Sailing Program Coordinators

P.O. Box 526

Island Heights, New Jersey 08732-0526

(732) 288-0110